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A Beautiful Testimonial From Tracy


June 10, 2022

I was approaching a milestone birthday and I’ve been on a healing journey. The photo shoot was my way of embracing my fiftieth year and ALL of who I am.

As a fuller figured woman, I was quite anxious about the shoot. I had seen others pictures and I wasn’t sure my body could be captured so beautifully. 

The environment Celeste creates is truly empowering. The glam experience with the makeup artist was amazing. The reveal of my “makeover” was awe inspiring. I didn’t know I was so glamorous. I felt like Beyoncè must feel on a Tuesday. Additionally Celeste and her team (MUA Laree Gould) cheer you on throughout the shoot, which is a game changer. I felt unstoppable. 

As a 50 year old, single (you know the old maid) woman, I am often quite critical of myself. You know the world says there must be something wrong with me. After that shoot and with the work I’ve been doing for my self on myself, I felt empowered, worthy, and enough. I actually changed my perspective of feeling sorry for myself for being single. I now feel sorry for all the humans who don’t get to experience life with me. Their loss because I’m pretty damn awesome.

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