quick facts about me

 I first started taking pictures years ago and have loved every minute of it since then. While I do enjoy photography as a whole and have done everything from families to weddings, I consider my specialty to be in boudoir portraiture.

My interest in boudoir began when I noticed there weren't many women who looked like me in these types of portraits. It made me wonder if there was any interest in boudoir for BIPOC.

Today, I realized how untrue that was and take pride in offering a boutique boudoir experience with womxn everywhere. Here in Philadelphia, I've creating a space for womxn ― all womxn.

I'm Celeste, the artist and photographer behind Celeste Patrice Boudoir.

Hey beautiful! It's nice to meet you!

+ I got my start doing self portraits.

+ I love to travel, but hate flying.

+ I'm 5'0" with 6'0" personality .

+ I love everything chicken and cupcakes. 

+ I'm funny, and I even make myself laugh on a daily.
+ I'm a true Capricorn in every sense.

quick facts about me

My style is authentic. I don't do props. I prefer more natural photographs. My favorites are clients who do the shoot because they want to fall in love with themselves and reclaim their time, and most importantly because they know that they deserve this experience.

and my favorites

my style

My style is seductive with a classy sex appeal, and unique to each client.

modern and minimal

my design style

I love spending time with my family and small circle of girlfriends.

spending time with my peeps

my go to

I became a photographer because I wanted to take more authentic photos of my daughter, and then I started doing self-portraits, and it grew from there.


why i became a

I love the colors, the weather, and all the fun things that come with this season.

is fall

my favorite season

Anywhere that my family can come because I have to best moments with them.

place to visit

my favorite

Boudoir is not a one size fits all. You don't have to look a certain way or be a certain size. Here at my studio, beauty comes in many different forms, sizes, genders, and races. 

I'm redefining the look of boudoir by showcasing a diverse gallery of womxn from all walks of life. Celebrate a milestone, surprise a lover, or do it just because. You don't need a reason to pamper yourself and walk away feeling beautiful.

It's an experience; that means it's more than just taking pictures. We're chatting, we're laughing, and sometimes we're even crying. We're not just taking photos, we're sharing stories and reconnecting with the better half of who we are.

When you’re naked in front of someone, there’s a different level of trust.

Think of me as your beauty therapist.

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!